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Benefits Of PGT In Your North Houston IVF Journey

It’s no secret that embarking on your fertility journey brings a lot of unknowns, and although this is a hard time, we are here to support you the entire way through. We want all of our patients–whether they are young couples, older couples, LGBTQ+ couples, or single–to have a successful pregnancy so they can experience the special joy children bring. Along with our impressive North Houston IVF success rates, we also over Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). In this article, we will explain what PGT is, as well as the benefits of utilizing this service as part of your North Houston IVF treatment at our Kingwood and The Woodlands IVF clinics.

What is Preimplantation Genetic Testing?

Did you know that your embryos can be tested prior to being transferred into your (or your donor’s) uterus? Once you have undergone your North Houston IVF cycle and we have retrieved the eggs that will be implanted, we can proceed with Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). Essentially, this means we will perform a simple biopsy on the embryos to better understand their quality.

Benefits Of PGT During Your North Houston IVF Treatment

There are numerous benefits to undergoing Preimplantation Genetic Testing during your IVF journey, but each of these benefits has to do with an overall healthier North Houston IVF pregnancy.

Did you know that 600 conditions are caused by genetic abnormalities? Or that some of these genetic abnormalities are responsible for causing a miscarriage? Without PGT, fertility specialists sometimes elect to implant multiple embryos in the body to see which one will result in a healthy pregnancy. However, by opting for genetic testing, our fertility specialists, as well as you and your partner, will be more educated about your unique North Houston IVF journey. At the end of the day, the greatest benefit of PGT is that out of the various embryos we let develop in our Kingwood and The Woodlands IVF labs, we can implant the one most likely to develop into a healthy baby.

The Success Of Your North Houston IVF Treatment May Be Up To Chance, But Preimplantation Genetic Testing Can Increase Your Chances

Our fertility specialists at our Kingwood and The Woodlands IVF clinics recommend PGT because it can help us and the intended parents gain a better idea of which embryo will likely have the greatest success. If you would like to take part in genetic testing through North Houston IVF, please request an appointment with us at our Kingwood or The Woodlands IVF clinics. We look forward to helping you also experience the joy and love of a child.