Patient Poem

The Miracle of Chance....

Wonderful things happen behind Dr. Roach’s door,

So much promise, hope, and happiness in store.

You see it in the faces of those who work there,

Your staff, your nurses, your patients all know that you care.

You go the extra mile in so many different ways,

Working endless hours and even holidays.

You understand the pain of not being able to conceive,

You empathized when I wasn’t ready to believe.

Others made me feel lost, they didn’t have a clue.

I knew I was in good hands after my first exam with you.

Your knowledge made me feel safe and secure,

You took the time to explain what my options were.

You patiently waited as we tried for a few more years,

Visit after visit, you saw me fight back the tears.

Then the timing was finally right, we were ready to begin,

Without a second thought, you fit me right in.

You did everything in your power to make it all go right,

You fought with all you had that late Sunday night.

You turned it all around from a bleak circumstance,

And you gave me what I never had,

you gave me a chance.

No matter what the result, you’ve changed our lives forever,

You, Dr. Shang, and Jan – you did it all together.

My husband and I have much to look forward to,

The hope, the future, the dream, it’s all because of you.

Our bodies were made to be perfect, but some are made without,

Some of us need a miracle and miracles are what you’re about.


Rebecca Rico
December 2003

Reproduced with permission