North Houston IVF tech preparing a transfer

Benefits of Undergoing North Houston IVF

In vitro fertilization or IVF isn’t just the last resort when it comes to one’s fertility journey. For some, it is the first option when trying to conceive. At our North Houston fertility clinic, we may recommend IVF from the get-go. Skipping on fertility medications and other insemination methods saves your family money. It also saves you time, as North Houston IVF has a proven track record of success rates. So what are the other advantages of assisted reproductive technology?

Increased Chances of Pregnancy

HART Fertility prides itself in pregnancy rates that exceed the national average. We have been providing Kingwood IVF since 1985. Using our experience and cutting-edge technology, we help families blossom. Our IVF clinic is made up of a team of fertility specialists who will be with you every step of the way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Our doctors will help you make well-informed decisions after carefully reviewing your medical records. This attention to detail is what sets our North Houston IVF clinic apart.

For a Wide Range of Individuals

Our North Houston IVF is for a wide range of families who are unable to undergo a traditional pregnancy. This includes women unable to carry a baby due to a hysterectomy or uterine disease. Our IVF is also recommended for same-sex couples and even single parents. Some of our clients may also choose a surrogate or gestational carrier to carry the baby. At HART Fertility, we understand the need for personalized IVF services.

Use of Donor Eggs and Sperm

In IVF, it isn’t just the intended mother or father that can get involved. Clients may choose to use a donor egg or sperm. Some women may have eggs that are unable to mature. In such cases, they may use a donor egg. In the same way, some men have a low sperm count or sperm motility. Using donor sperm in IVF will work just as well. The donor eggs and sperm will undergo the same procedure in the lab until a viable embryo is produced.

Decreased Health Risks

HART Fertility is committed to your health and safety. Before recommending IVF, we will perform a thorough assessment to make sure this is the best option for you. IVF minimizes risks to the mother and the baby. This procedure results in a reduced number of miscarriages. It is also an effective way for older women to get pregnant. The embryo undergoes strict genetic testing before being transferred to the uterus. This way, the chances of the baby having a genetic disorder is decreased.

Get in Touch With Us for North Houston IVF

For your reproductive needs, trust HART Fertility. We provide fertility solutions every step of the way, from diagnostic to therapeutic options. Our qualified and certified doctors will explain in further detail the benefits of IVF. That way, we can work according to your timeline, on your own terms. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for IVF. We look forward to being on this journey with your family!