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Testing For Infertility Before Undergoing North Houston IVF

Infertility affects many couples. In fact, it affects men and women rather evenly. However, quite often, couples aren’t aware until later that they are infertile, but the good news is that infertility testing is a great option that may help you start on your fertility journey a little earlier. In this article, our North Houston IVF doctors in Kingwood and The Woodlands will talk about when it’s the right time to get tested for infertility and how fertility testing works. 

When To Undergo Fertility Testing

Fertility tests can be conducted in a number of ways and they help doctors determine whether a couple is, in fact, facing infertility, what is causing it, and what are the best options for them going forward. If you and your partner have attempted to get pregnant for over a year with no results, then this may suggest infertility. If you are a woman over 35 and have had no success getting pregnant for 6 months, then you may consider infertility testing at this point as well, since infertility is more likely at this age.

How Do Fertility Tests Work?

A fertility test starts out with your doctor asking you and your partner about your medical and sexual histories and then following with a physical exam. Your doctor may test a woman’s eggs, uterus, and fallopian tubes with a pelvic exam and ultrasound.

For men, doctors may evaluate male fertility by examining the sperm and semen through a semen analysis, which will give the doctor insight on sperm count, sperm quality/shape/size, sperm speed, and the amount of seminal fluid.

Once You Learn Of Your Infertility, What’s Next?

Once we know more about what exactly causes yours and your partner’s infertility, it’s time to determine how our various fertility treatments and therapies can help. As a fertility clinic in The Woodlands and Kingwood specializing in IVF, we will work with you to help you achieve the pregnancy you dream of with treatments tailored to your unique case.

HART Fertility in North Houston Is Committed to Helping Infertile Couples Get Pregnant And Deliver A Healthy Baby

If you’re in Kingwood or The Woodlands, our North Houston fertility clinic is here to support you in your fertility journey from start to end so you can achieve your dream of parenthood. If you would like to learn more about infertility and the best fertility treatments for you, then please request an appointment with our IVF specialists.