woman carrying baby from kingwood ivf with gestational surrogate

Traditional Surrogate Versus North Houston IVF With Gestational Carrier

When it comes to difficulties carrying a baby, a surrogate is often considered to be the best option. However, there are two types of surrogates: the traditional surrogate or IVF with a gestational surrogate. Here is how they compare to one another and why we prefer to offer IVF with a gestational surrogate.

Traditional Surrogate For Infertility

With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are used, which means the surrogate is legally the biological mother of the baby it carries. This can, unfortunately, create blurred lines and a gray area between the surrogate and the intended parents, which is why this option for fertility treatment has decreased in popularity.

North Houston IVF With A Gestational Carrier

Utilizing a surrogate as a gestational carrier, on the other hand, means the intended mother’s eggs are used. Alternatively, if the intended mother’s eggs aren’t successfully fertilized, an egg donor may also be used. In both cases, the surrogate has no biological ties to the baby it carries and this is reflected in the baby's birth certificate.

How IVF With A Gestational Carrier Works At Our Kingwood And The Woodlands Fertility Clinics

For women who don't have a functioning uterus, are dealing with medical issues that make sustaining a pregnancy difficult, could be in serious danger if they become pregnant, or for women with no uterus, Kingwood and The Woodlands IVF with a gestational carrier may be a viable solution. 

Our North Houston fertility specialists will perform the IVF procedure in order to retrieve the intended mother's or donor’s eggs. The eggs will then be fertilized with the intended father's sperm. 

Following this, we will wait until the embryo has reached the blastocyst (day 5 embryo) stage. The blastocyst will then undergo pre-implantation genetic testing, which allows us to determine which embryos are genetically normal and have the highest chances of resulting in a successful birth. A single embryo will then be selected to be transferred into the gestational carrier’s uterus.

Our North Houston IVF Specialists Will Assist You In Finding A Good Gestational Carrier To Help You Achieve Your Dreams Of Parenthood 

Having a baby is a blessing and we are proud to support couples through their IVF Journey. Our North Houston IVF lab boasts rates of genetically normal embryos that have exceeded the national average for all U.S IVF labs that utilize the same PGT laboratory, thanks to our exceptional IVF lab conditions. If you're considering IVF with a surrogate, please request an appointment so we can begin the process.