Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer in women of reproductive age. With advancements in early diagnosis and treatment options, more women diagnosed with breast cancer are living longer today than ever before. However, systemic treatments may adversely affect childbearing plans.

During this time, patients are often overwhelmed with news of their diagnosis and possible treatment plans and it is important for providers involved in their care to ask whether fertility preservation is desired. Fortunately, the use of assisted reproductive technologies and therapies for ovarian protection improve fertility prospects for most patients. Often times, there is minimal to no treatment delay as egg or embryo banking can be performed prior to necessary cancer treatments.

Individuals with BRCA+ or other similar genetic testing leading to increased risk for breast cancer may consider genetic testing of embryos (PGT-A) to prevent the passage of genetic mutations to their future children.

The HART Fertility Clinic physicians are committed to providing patients with immediate assistance in coordinating care that aims to achieve each individual patient's reproductive goals. They work hand in hand with organizations such as Livestrong and local grant organizations to provide discounts and help relieve the financial burdens often associated with a new cancer diagnosis.

We urge women and men alike to talk with their health care providers and ensure breast cancer screening be performed if advised. Risk factors for breast cancer may include but are not limited to age, female sex, obesity, family history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer, certain genetic predispositions, and reproductive history.


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