The Woodlands IVF process with frozen eggs

Comparing The Woodlands IVF With Frozen Eggs vs Frozen Embryos

When considering the Woodlands IVF, you’re faced with the options of either freezing eggs or freezing embryos. The decision varies per individual circumstance, future plans, and personal viewpoints. Consulting with HART Fertility Clinic is an essential step in making your big decision. Our experienced Houston fertility specialists and caring staff are all dedicated to helping your family blossom. Learn more about both processes in IVF.

Frozen Eggs in the Woodlands IVF

Also known as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing involves preserving a woman's unfertilized eggs. The process is done through vitrification or a rapid freezing technique. When a woman decides with her North Houston fertility clinic that she wants to undergo egg freezing, she will be injected with hormones to stimulate her ovaries. This is followed by a minor surgical procedure to retrieve her eggs before they’re frozen for future use.

Who is a good candidate?

Egg freezing in the Woodlands IVF is often chosen by women who wish to delay childbearing. This could be for medical reasons (like cancer treatment), personal reasons (such as career planning), or if they haven't found the right partner yet to grow their family with. Egg freezing is done to preserve a woman’s fertility before she gets older and the quality of her eggs diminishes. 

Pros and cons

Egg freezing in the Woodlands fertility clinic provides flexibility to decide when and with whom you want to conceive in the future. It may be preferred by single women or those not ready to commit to a partner. However, since the eggs need to be fertilized with sperm to create embryos when the woman is ready to conceive, this adds an extra step to the Woodlands IVF process.

Frozen Embryos in the Woodlands IVF

On the other hand, embryo cryopreservation involves preserving eggs, which have been fertilized with sperm in a lab setting before being frozen. Similar to egg freezing, the woman receives hormone treatments before her eggs are retrieved. After retrieval, the eggs are fertilized with sperm to form embryos, which are then frozen.

Who is a good candidate?

Freezing embryos is often chosen by couples undergoing North Houston IVF. They either want to save additional embryos for future pregnancies or they need to delay embryo transfer for health reasons. Frozen embryos in the Woodlands IVF are useful for couples who plan to have children but face circumstances that delay natural or immediate pregnancy.

Pros and cons

Generally, embryo freezing is thought to have a higher success rate for future pregnancies compared to frozen eggs. However, it raises more complex ethical and legal issues, especially if the couple separates or divorces. Freezing embryos also requires both eggs and sperm at the time of freezing, which means that a woman must have a sperm donor or partner ready.

Which One Is Right for Me? Consult With the Woodlands Fertility Experts

When choosing between egg freezing and embryos freezing, there are many factors to consider. HART Fertility Clinic helps families blossom by providing the best treatment plan for you. We have been practicing the Woodlands IVF since 1985, with pregnancy rates exceeding the national average. We have cutting-edge reproductive technology at our facility to assist you with your fertility needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!