Facts You Should Know If You're Considering IVF

Facts You Should Know If You're Considering IVF

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization and is a popular method used for couples to become pregnant. Here are some important facts to know if you are considering this fertility treatment in The Woodlands and Kingwood areas of Houston.

1. IVF Shouldn't be Your First Course of Action if You're Having a Hard Time Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant can take some longer than others and it does not necessarily mean a woman is infertile. If you are feeling concerned because you think it's taking too long, speak to your doctor about it before anything else. When you speak with your doctor, he or she will first ask about your medical and sexual history, as well as that of your partner's. Next, tests such as semen analysis, fallopian tube evaluation, and ovarian reserve tests will be administered. Gathering this information helps your doctor determine if infertility is indeed the case and what exactly is causing it. Afterward, your doctor will walk you through all of your options and let you know if IVF treatment is recommended.

2. The Younger You Are, The Better Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant

Even healthy young women can have a hard time conceiving and may be candidates for In Vitro Fertilization. At a mere 30 years of age, it's normal to have some eggs that are out of the ordinary that cannot become properly fertilized. Women younger than 35 typically have better chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby, but that doesn't mean its impossible for women above that age. There have, in fact, been some success cases for women above 35 at our North Houston fertility clinic.

3. Your Lifestyle Can Affect The Outcome of IVF Treatment

It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle equals a healthy, medically-sound body. BMI and how often both partners in the relationship exercise can have an effect on whether they achieve a successful birth. At our Houston fertility clinic in The Woodlands and Kingwood, we recommend a diet rich in protein and vegetables to help improve and encourage embryo quality. Having an unhealthy lifestyle and habits can harm your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy, so we also recommend getting enough sleep (7-9 hours a night) and avoiding the consumption of alcoholic drinks, as these practices can lead to a lower rate of pregnancy.

Schedule Your First Visit With HART Fertility Clinic in North Houston

If IVF treatment has been recommended to you, please request an appointment so we can take the first step toward developing a relationship with you. Don't hesitate to ask any questions prior to your first visit so that we can ensure you have a pleasant experience.