Houston Fertility Treatment: IVF With Donor Eggs

Houston Fertility Treatment: IVF With Donor Eggs

When it comes to infertility treatments, IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is a very good option which demonstrates high success rates. IVF is a procedure in which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside of the body in order to increase chances of pregnancy. If your own eggs are low in quality and/or quantity, Doctor Toral Parikh, M.D. recommends undergoing IVF treatment with donor eggs for a number of cases and reasons.

Who Is A Good Candidate For IVF With Donor Eggs?

IVF with the use of donor eggs is suitable for many different cases. It may be beneficial for women who have undergone cancer treatment and have had their ovaries damaged or removed, women who have already undergone our typical Houston IVF treatment but haven’t had much luck, or women who are experiencing age-related fertility challenges. Women who were born without their ovaries as a result of a congenital anomaly and gay male couples wishing to have a child can also benefit from donor eggs.

We recommend you first come in for an appointment in which our specialists ask about medical and sexual histories and conduct different tests to determine what kind of procedure is the best option for you, as we offer many different procedures for different circumstances.

A Basic Understanding of the Process of IVF With Donor Eggs

Once you and our specialists have agreed that this is the best treatment for you, we will help you find a donor, which takes a lot of time and can take a mental toll on the intended parents, but Doctor Parikh and the rest of the team will be there with you the entire time. After the donor is found, legal decisions must be made, and once the legal matters are sorted, the treatment cycle itself will begin when the egg donor and intended mother (if applicable) get their periods.

Your donor will take hormones to stimulate her egg production. Much like the typical IVF treatment, we will retrieve the eggs once they have matured and then the intended father will offer a semen sample to fertilize the egg.

IVF Treatment at HART Fertility Clinic in Houston

Infertility is a challenge, but our team at Hart Fertility is here to support you the entire way and offer you the best care possible. If you and your partner are considering IVF with donor eggs, please book an appointment with us so we can start building our relationship with you and help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.