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How Kingwood IVF With Frozen Embryos Works

Embryo freezing has become a popular method of assisted reproduction. It is a safe technique that results in high pregnancy rates. At HART Fertility, we help families blossom. After you undergo comprehensive testing, our fertility specialists will determine if embryo freezing is right for you. Using cutting-edge reproductive technology, we will help you achieve a successful pregnancy. Read on to know more about the process of Kingwood IVF.

What Is Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)?

FET is the process of obtaining eggs from a woman’s ovaries then freezing them for future use. Eggs can be frozen while unfertilized. They can also be frozen as embryos, after fertilization. In standard Kingwood IVF, eggs are fertilized then transferred to the uterus in the same IVF cycle. In FET, frozen embryos can be used during a different IVF cycle. An intended mother can have her own eggs frozen or use donor eggs. In the same way, they can use the sperm of the intended father or that of a donor.

Benefits of Freezing Embryos

There are many reasons why we freeze embryos at our Kingwood fertility clinic. A successful North Houston IVF cycle can yield many viable embryos. Parents can opt to have embryos frozen for future family building. FET is also an effective way to preserve fertility. Some of our patients need to undergo chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and other medical procedures. These could affect their fertility. They turn to FET so they can still have biological children when they are ready.

The Connection Between Embryo Freezing and Genetics

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is the process of screening an embryo to make sure it is healthy. PGT can detect if certain genetic anomalies are present in an embryo. This way, only healthy embryos are transferred to the womb. However, it typically takes a week to get the results. This is where freezing comes in. Embryos are frozen while waiting for the results. This is another benefit of FET if you want to increase your chances of a healthy baby.

The Process of Freezing Embryos

Frozen eggs that are ready for fertilization are thawed out in the laboratory. In the same way, frozen embryos can be thawed out. The embryos are transferred into the womb of a surrogate or a gestational carrier. Surrogates have a genetic link to the baby. Meanwhile, gestational carriers do not. The embryos transferred to her are that of the intended parents. 

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