Couple visiting our North Houston fertility specialists to consult about IVF with a surrogate

How North Houston IVF With A Surrogate Works

There are many paths to parenthood, and if you’re one of many women facing fertility issues, you may be overwhelmed by your options. Our North Houston IVF clinic offers a number of choices for those hoping to become parents, one of which involves IVF with a surrogate. Whether you’re a patient at our Kingwood IVF clinic or The Woodlands IVF clinic, this procedure may be an option to consider on your journey to parenthood. 

The North Houston IVF Process

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the process of retrieving eggs from the ovaries and introducing them to sperm outside of the woman’s body. The fertilized egg or eggs are then inserted into the uterus, where they will hopefully implant in the uterine lining and develop into a successful pregnancy.

This procedure begins with a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for IVF. If so, you’ll be given hormonal treatments intended to stimulate egg production so that multiple eggs are released at ovulation. Once this occurs, those eggs will be retrieved using a small device guided by ultrasound imaging and then introduced to a previously collected sperm sample in our lab, ideally resulting in successful fertilization. Once the fertilized egg, now called an embryo, reaches the proper stage of development, it will be placed in the uterus, ideally attaching to the uterine lining to result in pregnancy.

How is IVF With Gestational Carrier Different?

The North Houston IVF with surrogate process begins with the same steps as a typical IVF procedure. What makes IVF with gestational carrier different is the placement of the embryos following successful fertilization. Instead of the mother’s uterus, the embryos will be placed in a surrogate’s uterus in the hopes that it will lead to a successful pregnancy. If so, the surrogate will carry the baby to term.

Is IVF With Surrogate the Right Choice for Me?

Patients who choose North Houston IVF with gestational carrier do so for a number of reasons, the most common of which include:

  • Women who have medical problems with their uterus
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy
  • Women of advanced age 
  • Women with underlying conditions that may make pregnancy risky
  • Gay couples

Finding a Surrogate for North Houston IVF

If you’ve decided that North Houston IVF with gestational carrier is something you’d like to pursue, there are a few ways to locate a good surrogate match. While some parents-to-be turn to family and friends, there are also agencies that match intending parents with women who are interested in serving as surrogates. Those who look to an agency for IVF with gestational carrier should expect to cover the cost of medical expenses, as well as a fee for carrying the baby. Regardless of how you match with a surrogate, clearly establish your expectations for the process, including an initial medical exam, legal agreements, and any other issues of importance for each person involved. Doing so before beginning the North Houston IVF with surrogate process will ensure a smooth and straightforward experience for all. 

Our Kingwood IVF and The Woodlands IVF Clinics Can Assist You On Your Journey

Regardless of your needs, our North Houston fertility clinic specialists are known for their compassion and expertise. We pride ourselves in treating you like family while you plan for your own, walking with you each step of the way to offer guidance, support, and knowledge of the latest developments in reproductive health and wellness. Call us today to schedule an appointment and begin your family’s next chapter.