Donor sperm for the The Woodlands IVF.

How to Select a Sperm Donor for The Woodlands IVF

The decision to undergo North Houston IVF using donor sperm is an important one for you and your family. The reasons for taking this path are plentiful, from issues with fertility, to women without a male partner. No matter the reason, however, selecting the right sperm donor is an important part of the process and potential outcome. It’s quite common to have questions about The Woodlands IVF with donor sperm, so our North Houston fertility specialists are here to offer advice and provide you with the information you need to help your family blossom.  

Using Donor Sperm for The Woodlands IVF

Other than the source of the sperm itself, the North Houston IVF process is the same for those who use donor sperm as it is for those who use their own. It begins with hormonal treatments to stimulate egg production so that multiple eggs are released at ovulation, increasing the chances of successful fertilization. Those eggs will then be retrieved using a small device guided by ultrasound imaging and then introduced to the sperm in our lab. If using donor sperm, you will select the donor before your eggs are retrieved, ensuring the sample is ready to be fertilized. Once the fertilized egg, now called an embryo, reaches the proper stage of development, it will be placed in the uterus, ideally attaching to the uterine lining to result in pregnancy.

Finding a Suitable Sperm Donor for Your North Houston IVF Treatment

Those with male infertility, single women seeking parenthood, or same-sex couples looking to start a family are all potential candidates for The Woodlands IVF with donor sperm. Regardless of why a sperm donor is needed, it’s important for patients to know what to look for and how to locate a sperm donor for The Woodlands IVF process.

Sometimes sperm donors are someone intending parents already know and trust. Sometimes, on the other hand, our patients select a donor from a sperm bank instead. These organizations collect and store sperm donations and maintain a browsable database of each donor’s traits. This database allows intending parents to choose sperm from donors who have preferred genetic characteristics, such as height, eye color, and even intellgence. Our North Houston fertility clinic has a list of reputable sperm banks and can help you find the right donor. 

Once a donor has been selected, the sperm will be sent to our The Woodlands fertility clinic, where we can use it for your North Houston IVF procedure. A decision must be made as to whether the donor to remain anonymous or known, as well as open or closed. With an open sperm donation, the donor is open to contact from the future child when he/she turns 18. Our experienced The Woodlands fertility specialists are happy to guide you through these decisions so you can make the right one for you and your family.

Our The Woodlands Fertility Clinic Can Help You Find a Suitable Sperm Donor

No matter the reason for seeking an egg or sperm donor for the North Houston IVF process, our The Woodlands fertility clinic can help you begin your journey. Schedule an appointment by calling us today. Our The Woodlands fertility specialists look forward to discussing your options and help you get one step closer to seeing your family blossom.