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Is North Houston IVF With Frozen Embryos More Effective Than With Frozen Eggs?

Many patients of North Houston IVF are waiting for the right time to carry out their pregnancy. This is why embryo and egg freezing are given as options to those who want to have children at a later stage in their life. While they sound similar, the two processes are actually different. Embryo freezing happens after the egg is fertilized with the sperm. On the other hand, egg freezing is done even without donor sperm. Continue reading below to know if embryo freezing is better than egg freezing.

Which Method Has Higher Success Rates?

The statistics of embryo freezing versus egg freezing are not significant enough to conclude that one is better than the other. Some research suggests that freezing embryos for Kingwood IVF yields slightly higher pregnancy rates. Some also say that eggs are more delicate to freeze. However, there are advantages to freezing your eggs at a North Houston fertility clinic. Below are the pros and cons of both assisted reproductive technologies. 

Why Choose Embryo Freezing?

The biggest advantage of embryo freezing for North Houston IVF is knowing how many embryos are healthy for future transfer. After an egg is fertilized, it undergoes preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). This test determines which embryos are chromosomally normal to prevent diseases related to genetics. Therefore, PGT before embryo freezing increases the chances of a healthy baby. Choosing to freeze embryos versus eggs provides more assurance to the intended parents. They get less surprises as opposed to freezing eggs for later use.

Why Choose Egg Freezing?

Many women choose egg freezing over the other method because they don’t need donor sperm to do it. Even single women can freeze their eggs for later North Houston IVF. Embryo freezing presents a dilemma if the couple suddenly breaks up before the child is conceived. Women opt to get pregnant at a later stage in their life due to different factors, such as age and health concerns. Freezing eggs at a Kingwood fertility clinic is the more simple and less expensive option.

Similarities of Embryo and Egg Freezing

Our fertility specialists will thoroughly examine and interview you to recommend the right method for you. Both processes start the same way—with hormone injections for several days. The medication helps stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs for retrieval. It’s important to retrieve multiple eggs because not every egg will lead to a pregnancy.

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