The Woodlands fertility clinic specialist freezing eggs in a lab

Is The Woodlands IVF with Frozen Eggs More Effective than with Fresh Eggs?

For those considering The Woodlands IVF, you have probably discovered there are a few different options available to tailor this treatment to meet your reproductive needs and goals. For some, it makes sense to freeze your eggs for use at a later date. But how do frozen eggs affect the success rate of your North Houston IVF cycle? Here, our The Woodlands fertility clinic specialists explain the difference between using frozen or fresh eggs for your IVF treatment and whether one method is more effective than the other.

Should I Use Fresh or Frozen Eggs for North Houston IVF?

There are a number of reasons women choose to freeze their eggs, as doing so provides a great deal of flexibility regarding when you undergo IVF treatment. You might consider freezing your eggs until later because you want or need to:

  • Find the right partner
  • Focus on your career
  • Establish financial stability
  • Move to a larger home
  • Undergo treatment for a medical condition

One of the most significant advantages of freezing your eggs is that they do not age, remaining just as healthy and potentially viable as they were upon retrieval. That means you can wait until the time is right for you to begin The Woodlands IVF treatment without worrying about the limitations to achieving a successful pregnancy and potential risks that come with advanced maternal age.

The Woodlands IVF with Frozen Eggs at Our North Houston Fertility Clinic

If you choose to freeze your eggs at our The Woodlands fertility clinic in order to postpone the IVF cycle for a time that works best for you, the process begins with hormonal injections to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs at ovulation. Then, our North Houston fertility clinic specialists retrieve your eggs during a minor surgical procedure. We use state-of-the-art technology to dehydrate your retrieved eggs before freezing them in order to prevent ice crystals from forming. They will be safely preserved for future use at the time of your choosing. Our North Houston fertility clinic has been practicing assisted reproductive technology since the birth of IVF, which is why so many choose HART Fertility for The Woodlands IVF with frozen eggs. Our years of experience and advanced reproductive technology result in pregnancy rates that consistently exceed the national average

Are Frozen or Fresh Eggs More Effective for The Woodlands IVF?

North Houston IVF with frozen eggs is slightly more effective than North Houston IVF with fresh eggs. This is also true for the success rate of IVF with frozen embryos over fresh embryos (already-fertilized eggs). This, coupled with the advantages mentioned above, means that many hopeful parents turn to our The Woodlands fertility clinic to freeze their eggs for use at a later date. Some, however, are anxious to begin the North Houston IVF process in the hopes of growing their families as soon as possible, thereby necessitating the use of fresh eggs instead of frozen ones. Given that fresh eggs are only slightly less likely than frozen eggs to result in a successful IVF cycle, it’s advisable to choose to begin The Woodlands IVF treatment at a time that is best for you.

HART Fertility Clinic Can Help your Family Blossom

Don’t struggle through infertility alone. At our The Woodlands fertility clinic, we support many hopeful parents through a variety of treatment options aimed to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The most effective way to determine which method may be best for your IVF journey is to schedule a consultation at our North Houston IVF clinic. Allow our experienced, advanced, and caring The Woodlands IVF specialists a chance to help your family blossom.