Can a Healthier Lifestyle Improve the Woodlands IVF Success Rates?

Can a Healthier Lifestyle Improve the Woodlands IVF Success Rates?

Do you wonder how you can improve your fertility? Although there are certain medical conditions that are beyond your control, a healthy lifestyle can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Nutrition and exercise play key roles in the preconception stage. But just how important is lifestyle in the Woodlands IVF? If you’re trying to get pregnant using assisted reproductive technology, here are some tips to guide you.

Factors That Affect Fertility

Your doctor will tell you that cutting down bad habits can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Being emotionally stable and physically fit are always recommended when you’re ready to grow your family. How does optimal well-being relate to fertility? Let’s take a look at three factors.

Stress Management

Stress is a big factor in the Woodlands IVF journey. When you are stressed, your body produces the hormone known as cortisol. Too much cortisol can cause a hormonal imbalance, which can lead to a range of diseases, such as diabetes. Stress may also disrupt cells in the ovaries, hence impacting fertility. If you’ve been visiting a The Woodlands fertility clinic, consult with the doctors on how you can better manage stress.

Hormonal Balance

Reproduction involves different bodily processes, most of which relate to your hormones. When your hormones work together in harmony, you feel happy, healthy, and energized. Having abnormal hormone levels may interfere with the signals sent to your reproductive organs. Your ovaries may not get the message to produce viable eggs. If you’re planning on starting North Houston IVF, your doctor may perform several tests to make sure your hormones are in check.

Energy Production

Conception and pregnancy require a great deal of energy. Your body gets its energy from mitochondria or the power plants of the cells. When there isn’t enough quality mitochondria, egg maturation may be affected. Research suggests that mitochondria production is more efficient when you have a healthy lifestyle. So what exact lifestyle changes should you be considering?

Healthy Habits to Promote Fertility

The Woodlands IVF success rates vary, and getting pregnant is not always a guarantee. However, making healthy lifestyle changes is one of the steps your fertility specialist will recommend. Skip the fast food that is full of processed ingredients that could throw off your hormones. Instead, go for whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. Don’t forget to perform physical activity to lower stress levels and increase your energy.

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If you’re considering the Woodlands IVF, HART Fertility Clinic will be here to guide you through your pregnancy journey. Our North Houston fertility clinic has been practicing IVF since 1985, with pregnancy rates exceeding the national average. At HART Fertility Clinic, we help families blossom. You can rely on our experienced fertility specialists, advanced technology, and caring staff. We even offer a free second opinion to help you make well-informed decisions. Schedule a consultation with us today!

Is North Houston IVF With Frozen Embryos More Effective Than With Frozen Eggs?

Is North Houston IVF With Frozen Embryos More Effective Than With Frozen Eggs?

Many patients of North Houston IVF are waiting for the right time to carry out their pregnancy. This is why embryo and egg freezing are given as options to those who want to have children at a later stage in their life. While they sound similar, the two processes are actually different. Embryo freezing happens after the egg is fertilized with the sperm. On the other hand, egg freezing is done even without donor sperm. Continue reading below to know if embryo freezing is better than egg freezing.

Which Method Has Higher Success Rates?

The statistics of embryo freezing versus egg freezing are not significant enough to conclude that one is better than the other. Some research suggests that freezing embryos for Kingwood IVF yields slightly higher pregnancy rates. Some also say that eggs are more delicate to freeze. However, there are advantages to freezing your eggs at a North Houston fertility clinic. Below are the pros and cons of both assisted reproductive technologies. 

Why Choose Embryo Freezing?

The biggest advantage of embryo freezing for North Houston IVF is knowing how many embryos are healthy for future transfer. After an egg is fertilized, it undergoes preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). This test determines which embryos are chromosomally normal to prevent diseases related to genetics. Therefore, PGT before embryo freezing increases the chances of a healthy baby. Choosing to freeze embryos versus eggs provides more assurance to the intended parents. They get less surprises as opposed to freezing eggs for later use.

Why Choose Egg Freezing?

Many women choose egg freezing over the other method because they don’t need donor sperm to do it. Even single women can freeze their eggs for later North Houston IVF. Embryo freezing presents a dilemma if the couple suddenly breaks up before the child is conceived. Women opt to get pregnant at a later stage in their life due to different factors, such as age and health concerns. Freezing eggs at a Kingwood fertility clinic is the more simple and less expensive option.

Similarities of Embryo and Egg Freezing

Our fertility specialists will thoroughly examine and interview you to recommend the right method for you. Both processes start the same way—with hormone injections for several days. The medication helps stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs for retrieval. It’s important to retrieve multiple eggs because not every egg will lead to a pregnancy.

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Are you interested in either embryo freezing or egg freezing? HART Fertility Clinic offers both services as well as in vitro fertilization. At our North Houston fertility clinic, we help families blossom. We have been practicing IVF since 1985, and our success rates are higher than the national average. Using advanced, cutting-edge reproductive techniques, we will help you grow your family. You can expect experienced fertility specialists and a caring staff with personal attention to detail. If you’re ready to start your North Houston IVF, schedule a consultation with us today!

Benefits of Freezing Your Eggs for the Woodlands IVF in the Future

Benefits of Freezing Your Eggs for the Woodlands IVF in the Future

Fertility is a unique journey that has its ups and down. For some women, they may choose to get pregnant at a later stage in life. Because of advancements in IVF, successful pregnancy rates are high. HART Fertility Clinic utilizes the method of egg freezing to give women the best chances of a healthy baby. To know more about the benefits of the Woodlands IVF, continue reading below.

Why Consider Freezing Your Eggs?

Women who choose to freeze their eggs will be examined carefully at our the Woodlands fertility clinic. This is to make sure that this method is the right one for you. When you decide to start the egg freezing process, you will take advantage of the following benefits:

Removes the Pressure Surrounding Aging

If you are a woman, you’ve probably heard of the concept of the “biological clock". Many women are pressured by society to beat the biological clock and produce babies by a certain age. Egg freezing seeks to resolve this issue by allowing you to have babies at a later stage in life. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your life, such as your career, relationships, and passions. When you are ready to have a baby, your eggs will be thawed to begin the process of the Woodlands IVF.

Preserves Quality of Eggs

It is a fact that the egg supply of a woman diminishes as she gets older. By the time she’s hit menopause, she probably has zero eggs left. Egg freezing allows you to preserve the quality of your eggs. They can be harvested when you are in your 20s or even 30s, and their quality will be maintained if you decide to have a baby in your 40s and beyond. Even if you have a low egg count when you want to have a baby, your eggs that were frozen can still be used.

Assists Women With Health Issues

There are certain medical conditions that make it unsafe for a woman to carry a child. Examples of such diseases are lupus, autoimmune disorders, and sickle cell anemia. Before your condition progresses, you can choose to freeze your eggs. Moreover, patients about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation opt to freeze their eggs prior, to avoid harming the eggs. Egg freezing even has benefits for transgender people. Some of our clients choose to freeze their eggs prior to transitioning and undergoing hormone therapies.

Results in Successful Pregnancies

At the right clinic, egg freezing and North Houston IVF result in healthy babies. Egg freezing is a minimally invasive procedure, similar to having blood drawn. HART Fertility uses a rapid freezing technique known as vitrification. This process maximizes the egg’s potential for later use. What happens next? Learn more about the IVF process here.

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HART Fertility has been helping families blossom since 1985. We provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments with the aim of a healthy pregnancy. We understand if you will feel overwhelmed. Our fertility specialists will guide you through the entire process. You can trust that we will give you the highest level of care and personal attention. Contact us today to learn more about egg freezing and the Woodlands IVF!

Why Choose IVF with a Gestational Carrier?

Why Choose IVF with a Gestational Carrier?


Have you been struggling to get pregnant on your own and thinking about other ways to grow your family? There are many different paths to parenthood, but understanding the options available can be confusing or overwhelming. The experienced, advanced, and caring fertility specialists at our Kingwood IVF clinic are here to explain the best options for you and your fertility goals. One of those options is North Houston IVF with a gestational carrier, which we’ll discuss in this article. 

What is North Houston IVF?

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the process of retrieving eggs from the ovaries during a minor surgical procedure in our Kingwood fertility clinic, then introducing them to sperm outside of the woman’s body. The fertilized egg or eggs are then inserted into the uterus, where they will hopefully implant in the uterine lining and develop into a successful pregnancy. Kingwood IVF is one of the most popular treatments for infertility, but some women still cannot get pregnant with IVF alone. Sometimes additional interventions, such as using a gestational carrier, or surrogate, necessary.

How Is IVF With a Gestational Carrier Different?

The North Houston IVF with surrogate process begins with the typical IVF process: you’ll be prescribed hormonal treatments to increase egg production before your eggs are retrieved and fertilized in our state-of-the-art Kingwood fertility clinic lab. What makes IVF with a gestational carrier different is that the fertilized eggs, now called embryos, will be placed in a surrogate’s uterus, where they will hopefully implant and lead to a successful pregnancy. The surrogate will carry the baby to term. You may choose North Houston IVF with a gestational carrier if:

  • You have medical problems with their uterus
  • You have had a hysterectomy
  • You are at advanced age 
  • You have underlying conditions that may make pregnancy risky

Choosing the Right Surrogate for Your North Houston IVF

Choosing the right gestational carrier is an important decision. Some parents may ask someone they know to act as a gestational carrier, while others turn to agencies that match intending parents with women who are interested in serving as surrogates. When choosing your gestational carrier, our Kingwood fertility clinic specialists recommend that you clearly establish your expectations for the process so all parties are on the same page. Be sure to create a plan for specific aspects of the Kingwood IVF process, such as medical exams, birth plans, legal agreements, and any other issues of importance for each person involved. Understanding and agreeing to these details before beginning the IVF with a gestational carrier process will ensure a smooth and straightforward experience for all. 

Hart Fertility Clinic Has Been Helping Families Bloom since 1985

North Houston IVF with a gestational carrier is a viable option for those hoping to grow their family but cannot carry the pregnancy themselves. If you want more information about this Kingwood IVF treatment, schedule an appointment at our North Houston fertility clinic. We pride ourselves in providing experienced, advanced, and caring treatment plans for all our patients. We look forward to guiding you on the next steps of your fertility journey with warmth and compassion. 

Answering The Woodlands IVF Questions

Answering The Woodlands IVF Questions

In vitro fertilization is a popular method of assisted reproduction because of its high success rates. You get pregnant according to your own terms while prioritizing you and your baby’s health. The Woodlands IVF process involves several steps. We’re here to keep you informed and make sure you understand each phase. The entire team at your North Houston fertility clinic will be with you every step of the way. Here are some frequently asked questions about IVF.

Who Needs IVF?

A young couple who has failed to conceive for the past 12 months may be candidates for IVF. Infertility in either the man or woman can be caused by a range of medical problems. For women, common issues are: endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and low quantity of eggs. For men, these include low sperm count, low motility, and abnormal sperm function. Older women, usually aged 35 and above, may also need The Woodlands IVF. Same-sex couples are also common candidates for IVF.

What Are the Steps of IVF?

The North Houston IVF typically starts with ovarian stimulation. The woman is given medication so she can produce more eggs than usual. This is followed by egg retrieval using the method of transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. Healthy eggs are fertilized in the laboratory using donor sperm or that of the intended father. Embryos undergo genetic testing to increase chances of a healthy baby. The embryo is then transferred to the carrier or surrogate. After 2 weeks, you will be given a pregnancy test.

Is IVF Painful?

During egg retrieval, the patient will be sedated and given pain medication. After you wake up, you may feel some abdominal cramping or pressure. Sperm retrieval, on the other hand, is done using masturbation or testicular aspiration. Embryo transfer into the uterus is usually painless, but your doctor may give you a mild sedative. You may also feel mild cramping after the transfer.

What Are the Risks of IVF?

Like all medical procedures, The Woodlands IVF may lead to certain risks. For instance, a small percentage of patients experience ovarian hyperstimulation. This means they produce more eggs than usual. It’s uncommon, but some IVF may lead to multiple pregnancies. Rest assured that when you are treated by a well-known The Woodlands fertility clinic, you will receive utmost care. You will be properly informed on all stages of IVF so you know what to expect.

How Do I Prepare for IVF?

Your doctor will prescribe you with prenatal vitamins and supplements in preparation for IVF. The start of treatment is dependent on your IVF cycle. Together with your doctor, you will come up with a timeline so you can adjust your work and daily schedule.

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If you’re looking for a fertility clinic that will guide you in every step of your IVF journey, turn to HART Fertility Clinic. Our facility is where families blossom. We are experienced in assisted reproductive technology, as we have been practicing IVF since 1985. Using advanced, cutting-edge technology, we are able to give our clients the best chances at pregnancy. You can expect a caring, dedicated staff that puts personal attention into detail. Contact us today if you have any questions on The Woodlands IVF.