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Picking the Right Sperm Donor Before North Houston IVF

Today, using a sperm donor to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby is a very popular option for same-sex couples, single women, and couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant because they are facing male infertility. Although there is some hesitation around using donated sperm as part of your Houston fertility treatment, here is how you can ensure the sperm donor you pick is right for you and your partner. 

Use an FDA-Approved Sperm Bank

Our fertility and IVF specialists in Kingwood and The Woodlands will point you to an FDA-approved sperm bank. There are many sperm banks out there, but not all of them are FDA-approved, which is crucial because this ensures all the necessary legalities are in place and that the sperm is also properly stored and retrieved.

Use a Matching Tool

A lot of FDA-approved sperm banks offer a matching tool that allows couples to learn about each donor’s age, race/ethnicity, health, and even career, as well as other details. This tool helps couples choose a donor that has features similar to those of the intended father. 

Your Donor’s Personality Also Matters

Most FDA-certified sperm banks will take the time to get to know each donor so that you can also factor in their personality. This may include information on temperament, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, and life experiences that made them the way they are today. By factoring in the donor’s personality, you can ensure you pick someone that meets your needs and what you wish your child to be like as a person. Often times, you may find traits the intended father also has. If you already know what traits you wish for your future child to have, this will make your search a bit more specific, which will aid in the entire process of finding a fantastic sperm donor.

Our North Houston Fertility Doctors in Kingwood and The Woodlands Will Guide and Support You in Your Fertility Journey

Your fertility journey is deeply personal, but that doesn’t mean you should go it alone or just with your partner. At HART Fertility Clinic, we not only want to educate you, but we also want to support you the entire time and help make this a positive experience for you. If you are considering using a sperm donor prior to Houston IVF or IUI, please request an appointment so we can learn more about you and your needs.