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Steps of Kingwood IVF Treatment

Growing your family is a beautiful decision. Sometimes, you need assistance from advanced reproductive techniques. HART Fertility Clinic helps families blossom. Since 1985, we have been practicing Kingwood IVF. Each fertility journey may be different, but our patients undergo similar steps in their treatment. Here’s what to expect from the whole process.

Stimulation of Ovaries

The first step of North Houston IVF is to induce ovulation. This is achieved by giving the woman medications to help stimulate her ovaries. Normally, a woman produces one egg at a time. In IVF, multiple eggs are needed to ensure success because not all of them will fertilize or develop normally. There are different types of medicine a woman can take. Injectable hormones are one of the most common ones to help the ovaries produce more than one egg. Oral medication and progesterone supplements may also be prescribed. These prevent premature ovulation and prepare the lining of the uterus for implantation.

Retrieval of Eggs

Our North Houston fertility clinic will work closely with you to get you ready for egg retrieval. You may be given a sedative and pain reliever. Our usual retrieval method is called a transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. Here, a thin needle is guided into your vagina and into the follicles. The eggs are removed from the follicles using a suction device. They are then placed in a special liquid and incubated before being fertilized. After egg retrieval, you can expect mild cramping and a feeling of fullness.

Fertilization of Eggs

Whether you intend to use a donor sperm or that of your partner, the process will be the same. The sperm sample may be retrieved using a number of ways. Using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), one single sperm is directly injected into a mature egg. Embryos are allowed to reach a certain stage in an incubator. They will then undergo preimplantation genetic testing. Here, cells are extracted and tested for genetic defects. This way, the chances of a healthy baby increase.

Transfer of Embryos

Once our Kingwood fertility clinic determines healthy embryos, they are either frozen for future use or prepared for transfer into the uterus. Our doctor will insert a thin tube into your vagina. Using a syringe, the embryos are injected into your uterus for implantation. You will be given a mild sedative, but the procedure is usually painless. You may resume your usual activities, but minor side effects may occur. After about 10 days, a blood pregnancy test is performed.

Start Your Kingwood IVF Today

At HART Fertility Clinic, we use our experience and advanced practices to provide top-rated assisted reproduction treatments. We always put a personal, caring touch to make your Kingwood IVF journey a pleasant one. Our physicians pay special attention to detail when conducting procedures and consultations. We even offer second opinions for free. Get in touch with us today for any questions about our IVF steps.