Kitchen counter full of healthy foods that improve your fertility during North Houston fertility treatment

What Does A North Houston Fertility Boosting Diet Look Like?

Did you know that it’s possible to follow a fertility-boosting diet while you are attempting to get pregnant and throughout your entire pregnancy? This diet increases your chances of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby. In this article, we will discuss the specific changes men and women can make in their day-to-day eating habits and lifestyle to boost their fertility. We also recommend this lifestyle change to perfectly fertile couples, simply because, like our patients, we want what’s best for the baby. 

Foods That Women Can Eat To Boost Their Fertility Throughout Their Treatment At Our North Houston Fertility Clinic in Kingwood and The Woodlands

Women who wish to boost their fertility should increase their consumption of whole grains and Omega-3’s through flaxseed, nuts, and fish. While you increase your consumption of these foods, our fertility specialists also recommend you reduce your consumption of red meat and trans fats, which are found in margarine, processed foods, and frying oils. 

If you plan to undergo North Houston IVF, egg freezing, or another one of our various fertility treatments, we also encourage you to take a multivitamin that contains folic acid, which prevents birth defects. However, to be sure your embryo is genetically healthy, we will also conduct Preimplantation Genetic Testing.

How Men Can Adjust Their Diet in Order to Improve Their Fertility

Similar to women, men who want to improve their fertility should focus on increasing their consumption of seafood, poultry, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in their diet, as these foods help improve the quality and health of their sperm.

Regular Exercise Benefits Both Men and Women Undergoing North Houston Fertility Treatment

If you seek fertility treatment at our clinics in The Woodlands or Kingwood, such as IUI or North Houston IVF, it’s a good idea to add exercise into your daily routine. Regular exercise improves your physical health, mental health, and fertility. Because being overweight may make it more difficult to conceive, moderate to intense physical activity is an effective way to lose weight, and a healthy weight leads to improved fertility.

Our IVF Specialists at HART Fertility in Kingwood and The Woodlands Are Here To Support You In Your Fertility Journey

Following this fertility-boosting diet, along with our support, will certainly help you in your IVF journey. If you believe you may be infertile, please request an appointment with our fertility experts so we can learn more about the root cause (or causes) of your infertility and make appropriate recommendations for treatment. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of parenthood.