Assisted hatching in Kingwood IVF

What Is Assisted Hatching (AH) in Kingwood IVF?

Men and women undergo Kingwood IVF to help their family grow when natural methods aren’t working. To further increase your chances of getting pregnant, assisted hatching (AH) is used by our Kingwood fertility clinic. Assisted hatching is a technique to improve the chances of implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. Learn more about this remarkable technology below.

The Basics of Kingwood IVF

IVF is the process of fertilizing an egg with a sperm outside the body. After successful fertilization, the embryo is allowed to grow for a few days in the laboratory. The healthy embryo is then transferred into the woman's uterus, where it can implant and grow into a fetus.

The Role of the Zona Pellucida

During the early stages of development, the embryo is surrounded by a protective layer called the zona pellucida. This layer works by allowing only one sperm to enter the egg and preventing others, making it crucial for fertilization. After fertilization, the embryo starts dividing and growing within this layer.

Natural Hatching vs. Assisted Hatching

In a natural pregnancy, as the embryo grows, it needs to “hatch” or break out of the zona pellucida in order to implant the uterus. Sometimes, especially in Kingwood IVF cases, the embryo might struggle to hatch on its own, so assisted hatching is done.

Assisted hatching in North Houston IVF is a laboratory procedure where a small hole is made in the zona pellucida just before the embryo is transferred to the uterus. This process is usually done just before the embryo transfer, on the third day of post-fertilization when the embryo has about 6-8 cells.

How Assisted Hatching Is Done

The hole in the zona pellucida can be made using various methods such as:

  • Chemical or acidic solutions
  • Mechanical or physically manipulating the zona pellucida
  • A highly focused infrared laser, which is precise and minimizes damage to the embryo

Who Can Benefit From Assisted Hatching in Kingwood IVF

Assisted hatching in our North Houston fertility clinic is often recommended to older women who have embryos with a harder zona pellucida. It can also be a viable option for patients with previous unsuccessful Kingwood IVF cycles. Finally, women with a thick zona pellucida are sometimes observed in IVF cases, so assisted hatching may prove beneficial for them.

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Assisted hatching in Kingwood IVF can improve implantation rates if your fertility specialist determines this is the best choice. At HART Fertility, we help families blossom through assisted reproductive treatments led by our experienced doctors. Since 1985, we’ve been providing top-rated fertility services, with pregnancy rates consistently exceeding the national average. We use cutting-edge reproductive technologies to give you the best chances of growing your family. Our caring and dedicated staff are here to give you personalized attention for a stress-free IVF cycle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.