Mother holding baby after successful assisted hatching and north Houston IVF treatment

What To Know About Assisted Hatching With North Houston IVF

At HART Fertility Clinic, we offer a variety of fertility treatments and therapies to those who long to be parents in Kingwood and The Woodlands. Although we specialize in IVF, we offer a number of other treatments that we have achieved success in–some of which are done in tandem with IVF. In this article, we will break down some of the things you need to know about Assisted Hatching.

What Is Assisted Hatching?

First of all, in order to explain assisted hatching, we need to explain how North Houston IVF works.

When undergoing IVF, we will mix eggs and sperm in a lab setting, as opposed to within a woman’s body when natural conception and fertilization occurs. When conception takes place, we will watch the egg until it develops into an embryo. At this point, we can conduct PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) to determine which of the developed embryos is the healthiest one that could lead to a successful pregnancy. Once this is determined, we can implant the embryo right away or freeze it for later use.

Now, once an embryo is developed, it will become surrounded by an outer layer called the zona pellucida, which we compare to a shell. An embryo must “hatch” or break free from this shell so it can be successfully implanted into the uterus. Assisted hatching is a procedure in which our fertility doctors poke a tiny hole into the outer shell with a laser in order to help the embryo break free. Assisted hatching gives the embryo a higher chance of successful implantation.

Can Anyone Benefit From Assisted Hatching

Although helpful in theory, not everyone needs assisted hatching. We usually recommend assisted hatching to patients who are over 37 years old and/or have not had a successful pregnancy with IVF.

Does Assisted Hatching Cause Pregnancy Complications

Though very rare, it is possible for the embryo to become damaged through assisted hatching, but our IVF team in North Houston is as careful as possible during this step. Additionally, some studies suggest that identical twins are more likely when assisted hatching has taken place, and with twins, you must be extra careful throughout your North Houston IVF pregnancy.

Our IVF Doctors In The Woodlands And Kingwood May Recommend Assisted Hatching If You Want To Undergo Fertility Treatment

If you think you might be infertile, you might consider undergoing fertility treatments such as North Houston IVF. If so, we recommend you first request an appointment with us so we can administer fertility testing. This testing helps us determine whether you are, in fact, infertile, and what might be causing it. After assessing your fertility, we will determine if you may benefit from North Houston IVF and assisted hatching.