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Who Should Consider Undergoing North Houston IVF

More and more people who desire to be parents turn to IVF in hopes of achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Simply put, in vitro fertilization is the process of assisting with fertility and the conception of a child. North Houston IVF is typically recommended for women of advanced maternal age (40 years old and above). However, there could be a number of reasons why someone would consider getting the help of a North Houston fertility clinic.

Problems With the Female Reproductive System

Candidates for Kingwood IVF and The Woodlands IVF are usually women with uterine and ovarian problems. Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility, characterized by abnormal tissue growth outside of the uterus that affects the entire reproductive system. Infertility is also associated with ovulation disorders. These lead to less eggs being available for ovulation. Benign tumors in the uterus are common among women in their 40s, while fallopian tube blockage makes successful ovulation difficult.

Weak Sperm Production

It can be difficult for a sperm to fertilize the egg if there is below-average sperm production. Abnormal sperm may have a different shape and size or may have poor mobility. In other cases, sperm may die before it even reaches the egg. Male infertility can be caused by injuries or genetics. A fertility specialist may recommend North Houston IVF when the sperm quality is not strong enough for fertilization.

Genetic Disorders

Some couples are at risk of passing on a genetic disorder to their child. In such cases, they choose to undergo North Houston IVF to increase their chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. During IVF, eggs are harvested from the woman and fertilized on a petri dish using viable sperm. Fertilized eggs are then screened for genetic disorders and abnormal chromosome count. Healthy eggs that don’t show any genetic problems can then be implanted into the uterus to start the pregnancy.

Fertility Preservation

Some women choose to have their eggs harvested and frozen for later use. They may also choose to have their eggs fertilized first, then the embryos can be frozen. The reason for this is that some women may undergo medical treatments that could harm their fertility. Cancer patients about to start chemotherapy or radiation are candidates for fertility preservation. If a woman getting pregnant poses a serious risk to their health and safety, they may also opt to have a surrogate carry their eggs fertilized through IVF.

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