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Why Consider North Houston IVF With a Gestational Carrier

Gestational surrogacy via a North Houston IVF clinic is becoming a more and more common method of having a baby. A gestational carrier (GC), also called a gestational surrogate, is different from a traditional surrogate. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the donor father. This has posed some legal concerns in the past since the egg is that of the surrogate. In IVF with a gestational carrier , both the intended parents are the donors of the egg and sperm. The egg and sperm are fertilized in the lab, then the embryo is transferred to the GC. So who are candidates for IVF with a gestational carrier?

To Address Health Concerns

There are many health reasons why a woman would consider a gestational carrier. She may be unable to carry the baby herself due to a hysterectomy or uterine disease. She could also have a history of miscarriages and failed births. North Houston IVF is an alternate method that allows the donor mother to use her own egg without posing risks to her health. Some clients are also those with failed implantation in the past. Gestational surrogacy has a proven track record of successful pregnancies.

To Become Biological Parents

Being biologically related to their children is important for some people, which is why they choose IVF with a gestational carrier. The GC has no genetic ties to the baby, so legal issues are less likely. Moreover, a male same-sex couple would want a child that is biologically theirs to create a genetic relationship. Even single men who want to be fathers can do so with the help of a North Houston fertility clinic without needing a female partner.

To Prevent Genetic Conditions

During the IVF process, the eggs of the intended mother are fertilized using the sperm of the intended father in a laboratory. Successful embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing to screen for genetic disorders and increase the likelihood for a healthy baby. If either of the mother or father has a disease they can pass on to the child, this may be detected even before implantation. Only healthy embryos that pass the screening will be transferred to the gestational surrogate.

To Be Protected Legally

To protect both the gestational surrogate and the parents, legal representation must be present. It is important to hire lawyers who specialize in assisted reproduction to prepare contracts that cover financial details and relationships post-birth. A lawyer protects the GC by ensuring she gets her compensation. At the same time, both parties can decide whether the GC can have a relationship with the child. Having lawyers present can make the process much easier.

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