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Can Diet Help With North Houston IVF

For couples going through the IVF process, diet is an essential factor for a successful cycle. Just like any healthy lifestyle choice, such as smoking cessation, exercise habits, and avoiding stress, diet plays an important role. The food you eat dictates the nutritional state your body rests on for proper organ function. So, which food should you eat and which to avoid when undergoing IVF and North Houston IVF?

How Diet Impacts North Houston IVF

The food you eat affects the hormones your body produces. For females, diet contributes to their egg count, egg quality, and uterine lining. The same can be said for males; diet assists in semen production and sperm viability. Our fertility specialist will tell you to maintain a healthy diet even months before starting on your The Woodlands IVF journey. You would want to do everything you can to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

What to Eat During North Houston IVF Treatment

To increase your success rate at a North Houston fertility clinic, maintain a healthy, balanced diet focusing on whole foods and vegetables. Whole grains, such as oatmeal, brown rice, and barley are good sources of energy. Clean proteins, such as lean chicken and fresh fish improve muscle function. Do not forget to get your dose of healthy fats, like omega 3 acid, avocado, nuts, and soy butter. For dessert, go for fruit rich in antioxidants, like blueberries, pineapple, grapes, and kiwi.

Food to Avoid During IVF Treatment

As a general rule of thumb, avoid processed foods, junk food, and fast food if you’re trying to get the best results at an IVF clinic. These types of food create a hormonal imbalance that could make the uterine lining less favorable for conception. If you’re thinking about The Woodlands IVF process, consider cutting down on trans and saturated fats. Fried food and red meat could cause your cholesterol to spike, making it more difficult to get pregnant. Sugar found in baked goods may also cause high glucose levels in the blood.

Additional Diet Tips From a Fertility Specialist

Centering your meals around natural, whole foods is a key step you should take when you’re ready for North Houston IVF. Also, remember that adequate hydration is a must for general well-being and pregnancy aid. Drink more water and avoid caffeine. Studies have shown that drinking coffee could reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Don’t forget to take your multivitamins so you get the essential prenatal nutrients and minerals. Finally, don’t give in to miracle pregnancy diets, as they are not backed by enough scientific data.

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