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What To Expect From The North Houston IVF Process

If you’re beginning your North Houston IVF journey at our Kingwood fertility clinic or The Woodlands fertility clinic, you likely have some questions about the process. Our skilled team of medical professionals will be with you each step of the way, managing your expectations and ensuring the best chance for a successful IVF treatment.

What To Expect At Your First North Houston Fertility Clinic Visit

Deciding to undergo IVF is an important decision, so building a relationship with you is our top priority. We’ll begin by gathering essential information regarding your medical history and fertility goals. If North Houston IVF is right for you, we’ll walk through the following steps of the process and answer any questions that arise.

Before the Procedure

Infertility testing is an important part of the IVF process. This is done through a series of blood tests to measure hormone levels, as well as tests for infectious diseases and genetic anomalies. We will also complete a uterine exam and semen analysis in order to determine the best method of insemination.

The North Houston IVF Process

Once these tests have been completed at our Kingwood IVF clinic or Woodlands IVF clinic and In Vitro Fertilization is determined to be the most suitable method for you, you can expect the following:

Step 1 - Fertility Medications

Because not all eggs a woman’s body produces will fertilize or develop normally, multiple eggs are needed for the North Houston IVF process. You’ll receive hormones to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs each month. This process usually takes between 1-2 weeks.

Step 2 - Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval occurs through a minor medical procedure completed in our office. A hollow needle is inserted to collect the eggs, which usually takes around 20 minutes. We provide medication to lessen discomfort during and after the procedure.

Step 3 - Sperm Retrieval

The sperm sample is collected in our office (unless using donor sperm, in which this step can be omitted).

Step 4 – Fertilization

The egg and sperm are introduced and incubated overnight in our onsite North Houston IVF lab to encourage fertilization.

Step 5 - Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer typically occurs after the embryo has grown to the day-5 blastocyst stage. First, a catheter will be placed inside the vagina, where a syringe containing the embryo is attached. Using this syringe, the doctor will place the embryo or embryos into your uterus.

After The Procedure

About two weeks after egg retrieval, we will run a blood test to determine if the procedure was successful. If so, we recommend you begin prenatal care visits as soon as possible. 

Are You Considering North Houston IVF At Our Kingwood Or The Woodlands Fertility Clinics?

Infertility is a battle that doesn't need to be fought alone. Our North Houston IVF specialists in Kingwood and The Woodlands are here to support you in your fertility journey. If you're considering undergoing IVF, please request an appointment with our fertility specialists so we can further discuss your case. We look forward to working with you!