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Frequently Asked Questions About North Houston IVF (Part 2)

Fertility is a very unique area of medicine, and with this concept comes a lot of questions. We’ve written an article that answers some FAQ’s about North Houston IVF, which you can read here. This time, we are answering a few more FAQ’s that may come to mind if you are interested in learning more about North Houston IVF from our Kingwood and The Woodlands fertility clinics. 

Do IVF Injections Hurt a Lot?

We understand that the idea of giving yourself an IVF hormone injection every single day may be rather daunting, but they are a necessary component of North Houston IVF treatment. That said, the injections we utilize are designed to minimize discomfort and maximize ease of use. If we recommend HART IVF to you, our team of fertility specialists will provide you with instructions that are easy to follow as you begin the injection process, and we’ll also provide support that lifts you up and encourages you the entire time. 

Don’t Fertility Hormones Cause Cancer and Other Illnesses?

A long time ago, it was suspected that there was a link between fertility hormone medication and ovarian cancer, which has lead to many of our Kingwood IVF and The Woodlands IVF patients to be a bit wary about fertility treatments. However, after much research has been done, it has been found that there is no link between fertility hormone medication and ovarian cancer. 

Is There Any Pain or Discomfort During Egg Retrieval?

There is no pain during egg retrieval since we use an anesthetic. This is a very minor procedure in which we use an ultrasound probe with a needle attached to it. The needle goes through to the ovaries and punctures each egg follicle, allowing us to remove the eggs. Because of the anesthesia, you feel absolutely nothing. However, once the procedure is over, you may feel a little cramping, but that can be treated with medication.

Visit Our North Houston IVF Specialists in The Woodlands and Kingwood

When determining which fertility treatment is best, your doctor will start by getting some tests done. If IVF is then recommended to you, please request an appointment with our North Houston fertility specialists so we can further discuss any concerns and questions you may have about IVF treatment. We look forward to supporting and joining you in your fertility journey.