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What Is North Houston IVF And When To Consider It

IVF is a common and highly successful treatment we offer at our Kingwood and The Woodlands fertility clinics for those who are facing the challenge of infertility. As the conversation surrounding the topic of infertility expands and becomes less taboo, a few questions arise about the procedure. In this article, we will answer two of the most common questions regarding North Houston IVF: what is it and when should someone wanting to become a parent undergo the procedure?

What Is IVF Fertility Treatment?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, an infertility treatment in which we stimulate the ovaries to develop more eggs and then fertilize them with the intended father’s sperm in our onsite IVF lab, outside of the body. Once fertilized, we wait for the embryos to grow for 5 days, at which point they are known as blastocysts. At this point, we will implant the healthiest one into the uterus and test for a successful pregnancy a few days later.

When Should Intending Parents Consider Undergoing IVF At Our Kingwood And The Woodlands Fertility Clinics?

IVF is highly successful, therefore it is a viable solution for couples suffering from a variety of infertility problems, including:

  • Fallopian tube damage
  • Endometriosis
  • Prolonged, unexplained infertility 
  • Poor semen quality
  • Low sperm count

Due to the fact that a number of medical issues can cause infertility, we always recommend beginning with fertility testing if you have been trying to conceive without any success for a year. Undergoing fertility testing helps our IVF specialists and our patients better understand what may be causing their infertility, which means we can determine which of our many fertility treatments and therapies is most suitable for them. 

Our North Houston Fertility Clinic Has High IVF Success Rates And A Magnificent Team To Support You In Your IVF Journey

It’s important to remember that getting pregnant when facing infertility takes time, patience, and a loving support system. If you have been struggling to get pregnant for a year, please request an appointment with our fertility doctors so we can get to know you, proceed with infertility testing, and determine if IVF is right for you. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood!