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Causes of Infertility and How North Houston IVF Might Help

The road to parenthood can be fraught with challenges and unexpected detours, but like any important journey, the destination is no less rewarding. Many hopeful parents visit our North Houston fertility clinic seeking help for their fertility issues in a comfortable environment with a number of options to suit their family planning process. No two women are alike, which means there are a variety of reasons for each woman’s possible infertility. Our North Houston IVF clinic is here to guide you as you choose the option that’s best for you and your family.

What Causes Infertility?

If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant without intervention, you may be wondering if you’re suffering from infertility. Lots of couples have trouble with this process, but if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over year and still haven’t, it may be time to schedule an appointment at our Kingwood fertility clinic or our The Woodlands fertility clinic to determine what could be preventing successful conception. 

Infertility could stem from issues with one partner or both, so your greatest chance for a successful pregnancy begins with identifying what could be causing your struggles with fertility. These are the most common causes of infertility for men and women, respectively, as seen by our North Houston fertility clinic doctors:

Causes of Male Infertility:

  • Low sperm production
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Issues in sperm delivery
  • Damage caused by disease, such as cancer

Causes of Female Infertility:

  • Ovulation problems
  • Fallopian tube damage
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Damage caused by disease, like cancer

One or more of these issues present in either parent could lead to infertility and require intervention in order to reach a successful pregnancy.

North Houston IVF at Our Kingwood Fertility Clinic or The Woodlands Fertility Clinic

Many parents turn to Kingwood IVF or The Woodlands IVF when facing issues of fertility, and our team of compassionate, knowledgeable experts are here to guide you in your next step towards parenthood. IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a popular option for those struggling to get pregnant, as it allows a woman’s egg to be fertilized outside the body in a controlled environment, thereby bypassing the aforementioned challenges to a successful pregnancy. In the North Houston IVF process, a woman’s eggs are collected after being prescribed a hormonal medication that will increase the number of eggs a woman releases at ovulation. This provides more chances for fertilization with the man’s sperm, which is collected and then introduced to the eggs in our lab. If fertilization occurs, the embryo(s) will then be placed inside the woman’s uterus, where they will ideally implant and lead to a successful pregnancy.

Is Kingwood IVF or The Woodlands IVF Right For Me?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for North Houston IVF, but many of our patients find that IVF is the right next step in their journey to parenthood. If you’ve been unsuccessful with other fertility treatments (including fertility medications), have healthy eggs or are willing to use donor eggs, or whose issues are a result of endometrial scarring or polycystic ovarian syndrome. The best way to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for North Houston IVF is to schedule an appointment at our Kingwood fertility clinic or The Woodlands fertility clinic, where our fertility specialists will perform a thorough exam to identify your needs and walk you through your options.

Our North Houston Fertility Clinic Is Here For You

While infertility can be disappointing, modern medicine makes it possible for those who have been struggling to get pregnant to identify another path to parenthood. We pride ourselves on compassionate, knowledgeable care in a comfortable environment. Call our North Houston fertility clinic today to schedule a consultation with our team and see what options are available for you.