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Consider Freezing Your Eggs for Future Kingwood IVF

Every woman has a unique fertility journey. Some may choose to get pregnant at a later stage in their life. Thanks to modern science, the chances of a successful pregnancy through egg freezing is high. More and more women are opting to freeze their eggs for future transfer. Also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing is the method of harvesting unfertilized eggs. The eggs are frozen and stored for future use, when the woman is ready. HART Fertility Clinic utilizes the latest technologies to give women the best chances of a healthy pregnancy. 

Who Should Consider Freezing Their Eggs?

There are many reasons why a woman will decide that Kingwood IVF with frozen eggs is the best option for her. Aside from personal choices, such as career priorities and emotional readiness, there are medical reasons why Kingwood IVF is the safest choice.

  • Conditions affecting fertility. Certain diseases, such as lupus, autoimmune disorders, and sickle cell anemia can affect fertility.
  • Illnesses or medical treatments. Patients about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation opt to freeze their eggs prior, to avoid harming the eggs.
  • Gender transitions. Transgender people choose to freeze their eggs prior to transitioning and hormone therapies.
  • Advanced age. Some women freeze their eggs when they are younger until they are ready to have kids at an older age.

How the Process Works

Freezing the eggs is different from embryo freezing. In egg freezing, the eggs are unfertilized. They are retrieved from the ovaries using a minimally invasive procedure, similar to having blood drawn. At our Kingwood fertility clinic, we use a rapid freezing technique known as vitrification. This process maximizes the egg’s potential for later use. When you are ready to conceive, the egg will be thawed in the lab. It is then fertilized with your partner’s sperm or a donor. The egg can be implanted in your uterus using in vitro fertilization. You can also choose to have a gestational carrier to complete the pregnancy for you.

What to Expect

Women who choose to freeze their eggs will need to be examined carefully by our Kingwood ivf specialists. Our clinic seeks to provide personalized services where you feel cared for. We will only recommend freezing your eggs if we conclude that it is the best option for you. Our patients will need to go through a round of hormone shots. This is to increase the number of healthy eggs retrieved. Expect frequent visits to our clinic to track your progress. The retrieval procedure involves a mild sedative and anesthesia. 

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