Eggs or embryos being frozen at North Houston IVF clinic

FAQ: Frozen Eggs Versus Frozen Embryos in North Houston IVF

The IVF process is a highly personalized one, with a variety of paths available for those hoping to become parents. That’s why our North Houston fertility clinic, with both Kingwood IVF and The Woodlands IVF locations, offers multiple options for our patients, two of which are egg freezing and embryo freezing. But how do these treatments compare? And is either the right choice for you and your fertility goals? Here are the most frequently asked questions our fertility specialists receive about North Houston IVF with frozen eggs versus North Houston IVF with frozen embryos.

What Is Egg Freezing At Our Kingwood Fertility Clinic and The Woodlands Fertility Clinic?

There are many reasons some women choose to freeze their eggs at our North Houston IVF clinic. Freezing your eggs provides you with more flexibility in the time you choose to begin the North Houston IVF process, allowing the opportunity to embark on this journey at a time that best suits your plans. 

Should you choose to freeze your eggs, you’ll begin by receiving hormonal injections to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs at ovulation. We then use transvaginal ultrasound technology to retrieve your eggs before dehydrating and freezing them for future use. Dehydrating your eggs before freezing them prevents the formation of ice crystals, protecting them from destruction and giving you the opportunity to use them at the time of your choosing. 

What Is Embryo Freezing At Our North Houston Fertility Clinic?

Embryo freezing, unlike egg freezing, involves fertilizing your eggs with sperm at our Kingwood IVF or The Woodlands IVF clinic immediately following retrieval. Upon embryo development, we’ll freeze them for you to use at a later date.

Which Method Is Right for Me?

Personal preference is the most influential factor when deciding between egg and embryo freezing. Egg freezing offer a bit more flexibility and can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • You can wait to begin North Houston IVF until you meet the right partner
  • If you’re a single woman, you can always opt for donor sperm when you’re ready
  • If you get pregnant before needing your frozen eggs, you can discard them.

What Are the Limitations of Embryo Freezing? 

There are a few reasons embryo freezing at our North Houston IVF clinic may not be suitable for your IVF journey. Consider the following when deciding between using frozen eggs or frozen embryos for your North Houston IVF process:

  • You must have your preferred sperm source available if choosing embryo freezing because the egg must be fertilized immediately following retrieval.
  • Sometimes frozen embryos must be discarded for a variety of reasons. Your moral, spiritual, or religious beliefs may take issue with this possibility, so consider that potential before choosing this path.

If You Still Have Questions, Meet with Our Kingwood Fertility Clinic and The Woodlands Fertility Clinic Specialists

Because the North Houston IVF process is highly personalized, you may still need more information about these two options. The most effective way to determine which method may be best for you to preserve your fertility is to schedule a consultation at one of our North Houston IVF clinics. Regardless of your decision, we will provide you with warm, compassionate care based on the best practices and medical research available. Our North Houston IVF doctors are here to help you understand your options and guide you on this important journey.