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How Does Kingwood IVF Work With a Surrogate?

Today’s advancements in assisted reproductive technology have allowed more families to grow in a remarkable way. HART Fertility Clinic offers Kingwood IVF treatment with a surrogate. Pregnancy rates at our clinic consistently exceed the national average. Getting a surrogate is a great option if you’re an intended mother who’s unable to carry the pregnancy on her own. Here’s what you can expect from the process.

What Is a Gestational Surrogate?

In traditional surrogacy, the woman is artificially inseminated with the donor sperm, making her the biological mother. But in gestational surrogacy, Kingwood IVF is involved. Eggs from the intended mother are retrieved and fertilized in the laboratory. The embryos are then implanted into the gestational surrogate who will carry the pregnancy to term. This makes the intended mother also the biological mother; the surrogate has no genetic ties to the offspring.

Who Is a Candidate for Gestational Surrogacy?

In our North Houston fertility clinic, we welcome clients from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story to tell. HART Fertility helps families blossom. You may be a candidate for Kingwood IVF if you are one of the following.

  • A couple who can’t get pregnant the natural way
  • A woman with medical conditions (blocked tubes, endometriosis, missing uterus, etc.)
  • A woman with age-related infertility
  • A man with a low sperm count and other infertility problems
  • A same-sex couple

What Happens in the Process?

HART Fertility has been practicing IVF since 1985, so we’ve developed an efficient process for your surrogacy needs. When you opt for surrogacy, you can expect the following:

  • The first step is to select your surrogate through a credible agency. Our Kingwood fertility clinic will help with medical screening to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. This stage is also where legal agreements and compensations are signed.
  • The intended mother is given fertility medications, which increases the quality and quantity of her eggs. The surrogate is also given medication. The cycles of the two women will be synced before egg retrieval occurs.
  • Once ready, our clinic will retrieve the eggs of the intended mother then fertilize them with the intended father’s sperm or that of a donor. Embryos undergo pre-implantation genetic testing so that only healthy ones are transferred to the surrogate.
  • The embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate.
  • After 2 weeks, your surrogate will be given a pregnancy test.
  • If there was no successful conception, you can opt to repeat the process until we achieve the desired results.

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