North Houston IVF specialist performing fertility testing procedure in lab

Thinking About North Houston IVF? Undergo Fertility Testing First

The sorrow that accompanies a negative pregnancy test after trying to get pregnant is almost impossible to put into words. This is even more profound when it occurs after completing a North Houston IVF cycle. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be the case, especially if there are underlying issues that could be preventing hopeful parents from getting pregnant. Thankfully, our Kingwood fertility clinic and The Woodlands fertility clinic both offer fertility testing, which is intended to identify potential barriers to a successful pregnancy and find ways to address them so that you can grow your family. 

Fertility Testing Available at Our North Houston IVF Clinic

Whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey or you’ve already experienced an unsuccessful IVF cycle, our North Houston fertility clinic encourages you to gain a better understanding of you and/or your partner’s reproductive health through fertility testing. Fertility testing refers to a range of evaluations that are intended to identify possible causes of infertility. Before deciding which tests might yield the right information for your specific circumstance, our North Houston fertility specialist will consult with you and your partner to gain a better understanding of your medical history and reproductive history. After this consultation, one or more of these fertility testing procedures may be recommended:

Fertility Testing for Women

  • Ovulation testing: this tracks your ovulation cycle and hormone levels at different points throughout
  • Ovarian reserve testing: this test helps to determine how many eggs are available for ovulation, as women produce fewer eggs as they age.
  • Imaging tests: these may include ultrasound, sonogram, or x ray imaging to examine the condition and structure of the uterus and fallopian tubes

Fertility Testing for Men

  • Semen analysis: this allows our North Houston fertility specialist to evaluate the quantity and motility of sperm in a given sample.
  • Hormone evaluation: this tests for testosterone and other hormone imbalances that may interfere with healthy sperm production.
  • Imaging tests: these tests may use ultrasound or vasography imaging to evaluate the condition and structure of the scrotum and vas deferens.

North Houston IVF After Fertility Testing

Once you and/or your partner have undergone fertility testing and either our Kingwood fertility clinic or The Woodlands fertility clinic, our IVF doctor will offer recommendations for your next steps. The results of your fertility testing may reveal the need to make other interventions during the North Houston IVF process in order to increase your chances at a successful pregnancy. These may include the use of donor eggs or donor sperm, a third-party gestational carrier, certain medications, or surgery. Our North Houston fertility specialists can guide you through your options and explain them clearly and compassionately. 

Trust HART Fertility During Your North Houston IVF Journey

Fertility testing and treatment is a highly personal process that requires patience, compassion, and access to experts in reproductive medicine. At our Kingwood IVF clinic and The Woodlands IVF clinic, we strive to cultivate relationships with our patients, ensuring a warm and caring environment. We would be honored to be a part of your North Houston IVF journey, which can begin by scheduling an appointment to meet with our fertility specialists and determining the right path for you and your reproductive goals.