Couple meeting with North Houston fertility specialist

What to Look for in a North Houston IVF Specialist

If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant on your own, you may be exploring other paths to parenthood, such as In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF. This important decision warrants proper research, as you want a compassionate Kingwood IVF or The Woodlands IVF specialist with a proven record of success. But given the personal nature of your fertility journey, there are many other factors to consider when choosing an IVF clinic that will meet your unique needs, which is why our fertility specialists have compiled this list of what to look for when choosing a North Houston fertility clinic.

What Should your North Houston IVF Specialist Offer?

A reputable North Houston fertility clinic will have most or all of these available at the heart of their practice:

  • Detailed Records: not only should your North Houston IVF specialist keep detailed records of their success rates and outcomes, but they should also report annually to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART), which tracks pregnancy rates from clinics across the country. Our Kingwood fertility clinic, as well as our The Woodlands fertility clinic both report to SART, as we believe in providing our current and prospective clients with the transparency you deserve.
  • Wide Range of Services to Meet your Needs: Sometimes patients come into our North Houston IVF clinic expecting one treatment, but discovering a different approach is more appropriate. For that reason, you want to choose a clinic that offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic options to address infertility, such as ours.
  • Board-Certified North Houston IVF Specialists: Board Certification demonstrates a level of expertise not found among all practitioners. Our North Houston IVF doctors and specialists are board-certified and well-versed in the latest research in the field of fertility. 
  • On-Site Laboratory: Since many fertility treatments and diagnostics require use of laboratory technology, an on-site lab is an important feature of the most reputable IVF clinics, and our Kingwood fertility clinic and The Woodlands fertility clinic are no exceptions. In fact, ours is the only IVF lab in North Houston. 
  • Access to Donor Egg and Donor Sperm Banks: Both our Kingwood fertility clinic and The Woodlands fertility clinic work closely with reputable egg and sperm donor banks that provide a wide number of diverse options for donor egg and sperm should that be a part of your fertility journey.

Trust Your Instincts When Choosing a North Houston IVF Specialist

Don’t ignore your intuition when making this important decision, as you want this choice to “feel right” for you and your fertility journey. Begin by reviewing the clinic’s website for SART data, services offered, and customer testimonials, all of which will provide insight as to whether or not it’s a good fit. If so, you'll want to schedule an initial consultation, which not only gives you an inside look at the clinic’s day-to-day operations, but also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn the clinic’s treatment recommendations.

See Why So Many Trust Our North Houston Fertility Clinic

Whether it’s at our Kingwood IVF clinic or The Woodlands IVF clinic, our patients have trusted us to provide diagnostic and therapeutic options to address their fertility needs. We’ve been honored to provide quality, compassionate care to hopeful parents since 1985 and we’d be honored to provide the same for you. If you’re exploring your fertility options, schedule an appointment with one of our North Houston IVF specialists and see why so many have chosen HART Fertility Clinic for their reproductive needs.